What I do

Educational technology

Educational technology doesn’t magically improve learning. It needs to be integrated into the curriculum, follow learning principles, and be used by teachers who believe in its efficacy and are confident in using it. I help make this integration happen.

  • I help learning app developers and course providers develop more interactive, learner-centred and effective products and learning content based on sound learning principles. 
  • I can review your app or content and make suggestions about how to make best use of the pedagogical affordances and features of the technology you are using.
  • I can help you with a pedagogically sound integration of EdTech solutions in blended, flipped, online or mobile language courses.
  • I carry out literature research and write articles and blog posts related to EdTech, particularly in the field of language learning.

Editorial support

Editing is not just about checking and improving the language, but also making sure a course or any other content forms a whole, even if written by different authors, follows the brief, is suitable for the context and the learners, and works well with the technology.

I only work on digital projects.

  • I can conduct a high-level review of your course, checking that content, activities and assessment align with the course objectives and lessons aims, and that the activity types are suitable for the target audience and platform used. This is where my background and experience with educational technology and my teaching experience is very helpful.
  • I content edit, copy edit and proofread learner or teacher-facing content, articles, or research reports.
  • I can work on agile course development projects using many different kinds of authoring tools and team communication platforms.


Teaching helps me stay in touch with learners and the classroom – whether physical, online or in a virtual environment. This is crucial when developing learning content and apps that work. Teaching and seeing learners develop also gives me joy and motivation.

  • I can help you develop EAP and ESP courses for blended, flipped, online or mobile learning.
  • I have taught EAP pre-sessional courses at UK universities every year since 2011, and also various other ESP courses, which give me insights into the typical issues that international learners and adult learners face and what they need help with.
  • I have taught in physical classrooms, online, in virtual environments and blended formats.

Teacher training

Teachers are willing to use technology if they are involved in making decisions, believe it will serve pedagogical aims and if they are trained to use it effectively. Being a teacher myself, I understand their concerns and needs and enjoy training and supporting them.

  • I can support you in training your teachers so they are confident and motivated to use technology in their teaching.
  • I can help you create teacher training materials and online or mobile training courses.

What can I help you with?