Virtual reality

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Good to see you are interested in virtual reality! 🙂

I started exploring virtual reality in 2008. After a long break from it, I decided to devote more time to it again in 2020 because of its potential for improving the online learning experience for language learners and teachers.

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During my research of the current state of VR in language learning, I came across Immerse – the first virtual reality platform for English language teaching. It was immediately clear to me that this was a platform that could help VR to be widely adopted by language schools. When I was offered the role of Fractional Research Manager at Immerse, I didn’t hesitate to accept it.

In this role, I make research plans, invite researchers and teachers to conduct (action) research on the Immerse platform and support them, and I also write research-based blog posts.

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VR in language education content

Below are links to VR content I curate. Most are related to language learning and education. Click on the topics of interest. 
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